Audit Trail

Nov 7, 2021 • By Regina Lansangan

An audit trail is a thorough, chronological record by tracking accounting data, project details, or other financial data. An audit trail is often a requirement of regulation for a thorough and organized accounting department. Even when it is not mandated, it will be a business best practice.


How is the Audit Trail Working?

A complete trail is the complete record of events occurring when a transaction was executed. In each phase, the audit trail contains essential details about transactions and processes for future reviews revealed to a seller, purchaser, time of sale, and site location by timetable. It can be straightforward or complex. A foodstuff receipt is the best example of a simple audit trail covering a deal. You are stepping in and buying that lemon you have forgotten, and you are recording the transaction: what you purchased, the exact time it took place, and the place of the transaction.

Importance of compliance auditing trails

The vast majority of industries – and all public companies – are subject to audit compliance regulatory requirements. In order to meet compliance mandates, strong electronic records are necessary to ensure an accurate audit trail. IT services are used to keep records required for the record management, monitor and protect access and versioning of users, and retain data protection configurations that can be tracked and adjusted as needed. Security of information and customer data privacy controls are also essential for compliance, and an audit trail serves to meet such standards.

In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, what is an audit trail for your firm? 

You may need to find new efficiencies, protect your business from fraud, and protect from painful, lengthy audit procedures. The audit trail is required in order to capture and access the correct information as a standard operating process for your enterprise when needed.

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